Dear Mrs. Sternberg,††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† 4/11/2021

I was glad to finally receive your letter. Unfortunately your letter and the boardís determination continue with a false narrative that I believe comes from your building manager.

To be exceedingly clear:

My grandmother and I have been extremely cooperative, over and above so. And we have complied with all. I solved this problem for the building showing a 100% correlation with precipitation, above about 0.35 in, from 10/21/20 through 1/5/21 Ė and the roof repairs fixed this leaking.

I bring to your attention Mr. Fulletís 12/23 correspondence (your lawyer); Mr. Fullet changed the date to my original 12/28 to be in full compliance and we met this date. Therefore, based on our full compliance these lawyer fees should never have been charged to my grandmother.

Mr. Fullet agreed to my original action plan and timeline to carry out the exploratory effort to inspect the underside plumbing of my grandmotherís hallway tub/shower as suggested by your plumber Andy from his 12/2 investigation. Please see Mr. Fulletís 12/23 correspondence attached.

More proof of our cooperation and compliance: My grandmother and I learned of wetness in the hallway outside of units 410 (my grandmotherís), 312, 212, and 210 on 11/27 and we made available immediate access for your plumber to come as soon as possible. He came on Wed. 12/2.

I spoke with your plumber Andy while on site and at length the following week. Andy was very clear, there was no active leak and there was no emergency related to my grandmotherís hallway bath/shower. Andy said that doing an inspection of the underside plumbing of this tub/shower 12/28 would be fine.As for the dripping the faucet made while being used all this water went down the tub drain. Andy did caulk the tub spout and he said the tub/shower could be used in 2 days, it was used only once on 12/7 with no wetness in any hallways, a critical fact.

My grandmother and I fully complied by not using this tub/shower from 12/8 to 12/28. On 12/28, I carried out the inspection of the underside plumbing of this tub/shower which proved it was bone dry and dusty, no trace of wetness or even historical wetness. Many photos and videos have been provided and Quin OíBrien was witness to it being bone dry and that there was absolutely no leaking.

Furthermore, your building manger failed to use and understand the following essential information, and did not communicate these findings. ó During the wetness on 11/27 the 310 unit directly below my grandmotherís was inspected by Quin OíBrien and it was found that there were no sign of any leaking whatsoever. The toilet overflow in July proved that any water leaking from plumbing in 410 flows into 310. The plumbing for the master bathroom toilet and the hallway tub/shower are next to each other Ė if there was leaking from my grandmotherís unit hallway tub/shower, 310 would be the wettest; it was dry. ó There was wetness outside of 412, this is extraordinary, leaking water cannot travel 40 feet horizontally with nothing wet in between. ó The owner of 212 had presented to your building manager a correlation with precipitation in Oct. and Nov. that your building manager ignored.

These facts attest that the amount and source of leaking water was absolutely not related to shower use in my grandmotherís hallway tub/shower.

Therefore there was never any risk and there was no damage to any common or privately owned properties in relation from my grandmotherís hallway tub/shower use.As your building manager should have known, leaking from plumbing within a unit flows down into the unit below.

As for Excel Leak Detection Company, I did find them based on their good online reviews. I did not hire them, your building manager did, and everyone except your building manager who interacted with the kid they sent on 12/18 knew this kid was an amateur and he was conducting a shakedown. Upon proving there was nothing wrong with my grandmotherís hallway tub/shower, on 12/28, I confronted their manager Thom and he said he would not charge your building manager.

Your building manager, who was only unhelpful and threatening this entire time, changed our agreed plan on 12/21 and demanded action by 12/24 when the facts strongly indicated no action was needed versus my action plan and date of 12/28 (with Christmas in between and a pandemic active) while we were not using this hallway tub/shower, removing any risk and emergency. Your building manager falsely accused us of using my grandmotherís hallway tub/shower, when we were not. He said he had proof, he failed to show any proof because there was no proof because it was not being used.

From the beginning, I told your building manager that I had to be there when cutting into walls was to be done, it was something my grandmother requested of me, she trusted me and I did as she asked.

Had your building manager listened and had he paid attention to the facts there was no need to involve your lawyer or my grandmother. This leaking should had been understood and taken care of in October.

Nevertheless, your lawyer clearly changed to my date as to when we needed to comply Ė and we complied on 12/28.

Mrs. Sternberg, I made my written request to expedite a fair resolution. I was not informed whatsoever that my request in writing would forfeit my right to meet with the board, had I been so informed I would not have made my written request.

I have never refused to meet with the board.

I request time at your next board meeting please.



Kevin Waite

Executor for the Estate of Sylvia Morris



cc: Quin OíBrien, Linda Wach, Debbie Jepson, Shirley Morris, Jillian Tonge, Donna Perkins